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"......Ryan is kind, friendly and patient with my son. He has vast musical experience and is an excellent teacher. He is very good at assessing student’s abilities and adjusting his lessons accordingly. He makes the lessons fun and challenging. I would highly recommend Ryan McNeill school of Music...."  

Elaine - Parent


".....Our 11 year old son Charlie has been taking piano lessons with Ryan since 2012 and I have been extremely pleased since the start. We find Ryan an excellent teacher - he has a very professional manner, yet is very approachable and easy to talk to. His notes to the students are detailed and comprehensive, and Charlie has done extremely well in his exams. Couldn't be happier...."  

Pippa - Parent


"....Probably the best teacher I've ever had. Expert knowledge combined with a warm, patient personality who has transformed the way I play, teach and think about music. You always learn so much and want to practise more. A truly inspirational teacher who knows exactly what to say to help you improve and can probably hear the grass grow - I really can't recommend Ryan enough!..."  

Niall - Advanced Diploma Level

" ....I will always remember taking Molly to meet her new teacher for the first time and to familiarise her with the setting. I thought that Molly would be ecstatic about the pianos there and I thought they would be the topic of conversation for the whole weekend but I was wrong, Molly never mentioned the pianos but she kept saying to me how nice the music teacher was , how friendly he was, how professional he was and how genuine he was, this teacher was Ryan McNeill. Molly was just ten years old but she picked up on these vibes straight away. I sat in the music room with Molly for a few weeks until she was confident to stay alone. Molly always looked forward to going to her weekly lesson with Ryan, she always practised well and if she had any problems with her piece she would ask Ryan about it at her next lesson. Ryan was always so kind and helpful and understanding and has a great way of encouraging children to learn without them feeling threatened by him. Molly has sat two exams and has received a distinction in both, thanks to Ryan's encouragement as she didn't want to sit an exam at all. From my experience with my child I would highly recommend Ryan to any parent considering sending their child to music lessons..... " 

Anjae - Parent

Jade is 7 and is taking lessons with Ryan she is a very shy girl and Ryan is a very patient teacher encouraging jade all the time. I would 100% recommend this school.

Jo - Parent

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