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"The Greatest Respect an Artist can Pay to Music, is to Give it Life."
Pablo Casals, Cellist and Conductor (1876-1973)

These lessons are available to Advanced Level (Grade 8+) musicians wishing to continue their studies after completing the normal examination cycle.


Preparation is offered towards all Teaching and/or Performance Diploma Level Examinations (Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship) with the following highly respected examination bodies:


- Royal Irish Academy of Music

- The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

- Trinity College of Music, London

- London College of Music


Preparation is also available towards University/College 3rd level Degree and Performance course auditions and recitals/practicals.  Please contact us for more information.


Tuition is available on an individual basis for students of all ages at an advanced level of performance. Weekly classes of at least 45minutes in length are recommended but this will vary depending on the goals and proficiency of each student.


Music Lessons School Academy College of Music Tullamore Co. Offaly
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