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This package has been put together to offer affordable music lessons tailored to the requirements of each individual school.  Lessons of Piano, Violin and Music Theory can be provided in individual and group lesson settings.  (Piano max. of 2, Violin/Theory max. of 4 per group)


Main aims:


1. To help children enjoy a good music educational experience together with their class mates whilst complementing the primary music curriculum. 


2. To have a positive impact on children’s personal and social development, including increased confidence, self esteem, and pride, improved social skills, team working skills and expanded social networks.


3. For those children with special educational needs, behaviour issues or unsettled home lives, particular benefits include a sense of belonging, improved ability to concentrate and focus on a task, a sense of responsibility and positive behaviour change.


4. I hope that once established this scheme can lead to music making in larger groups such as ensembles and a string orchestra with performances in front of classmates and in a concert setting.Should this package interest you, my aim is to make the process as easy as possible for your school. 


The only requirements will be:


- Student/parent interest

- An available space for tuition

- A piano and/or violins*

- Teaching to be scheduled between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday.


*(Beginner violins are currently available at approx. €100 each.  Should your school invest in a number of these, costs can be recouped very quickly through rental fees of €10 pcm.)I have included a list of fees and details of some benefits of music lessons for young children below.  Should you be interested in any further information or wish to discuss details, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Thank you!



Some Benefits of Music Lessons for Children


Parents enrolling children for music lessons don't always realize the full benefits that a musical education can have on the development of their child. Even if a child does not end up being a professional musician, the positive effects of music lessons can be very valuable during the rest of a child's life.


Here are a few example areas:



Music is a great form of enjoyment whether it's for friends, family, or self-entertainment.



Organisation of a consistent daily practice routine requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline. Children tend to be more successful later in life if they learn early that it pays to work hard for what they want.



When reading music, hands must react quickly according to what the eyes see on the page. This skill can also prove useful in sports and other activities which benefit from quick reaction times.



As all musical note values are based on subdivision, musical understanding is a very useful tool in developing arithmetic and building a good foundation in basic mathematics.  Research from around the world has shown that cognitive development, literacy and numeracy skills and attention focus benefit enormously from learning a musical instrument at a young age.



Performance in a concert situation can help to build a music students' self-confidence in front of an audience. This experience can prove invaluable later in adult life when dealing with presentations etc. 



Every child deserves the opportunity to have the chance to find their own inner creativity, music lessons encourage these skills.



Learning about different styles of music, composers, and the history of music can help make children more well-rounded individuals.


Children who take music lessons gain many of these skills without even being aware of it. Whether or not these skills are vital in their future careers, the positive impact of music lessons can help prepare them to have more healthy and successful lives.



Student Fees Breakdown:
(10 lesson term)


Violin Lessons

40 minute (4 sharing) €100

30 minute (3 sharing) €100


Violin/Piano Lessons

30 minute (2 sharing) €150 

30 minute individual €250

20 minute individual €180


Music Theory Lessons

40 minute (4 sharing) €80

30 minute (2 sharing) €100

20 minute individual €125


Violin Rental

Approx. €10 per month (approx. €100 to buy outright)



Approx. €10-€20 per year.

Music Lessons Tullamore Co. Offaly
Music Lessons Tullamore Co. Offaly
Music Lessons Tullamore Co. Offaly
Music Lessons Tullamore Co. Offaly
Music Lessons Tullamore Co. Offaly
Music Lessons Tullamore Co. Offaly
Music Lessons Tullamore Co. Offaly
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