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(Updated July 2023)

Please note, by attending and/or paying for lessons you are agreeing to the following:


- On completion and acceptance of registration and lesson time, 100% of the term fee * will be due at the first scheduled lesson.  Failure to comply with this may result in suspension of classes until the account has been settled.

* (It may be possible in certain cases to organize a payment plan to suit the student's needs, however this must be requested and agreed in advance of the term beginning.)

- A deduction of 75% only will be made to fees relating to public holidays (Bank Holidays, St. Patrick's Day etc.) where applicable.


- A 10% discount will be applied to the fees of each additional family member/class of enrolment, however where different lengths of lessons are enrolled, the discount will be applied to the fees of the shorter duration(s).

Lesson Cancellation/Rearranging due to Teacher Absence

- Should your teacher have to cancel classes due to unavoidable circumstances (eg. RIAM examination work), these classes will be given later either by extending the term or by organizing a mutually convenient time between the teacher and the student/parent.

Lesson Cancellation/Reschedule due to Student Absence

- It is the responsibility of each student/parent to ensure that the student is available for ALL scheduled classes. These agreed days/times are set at the beginning of the term.


- Should a student be unable to attend a lesson, they should immediately attempt to swap/switch their time slot with another student where possible/applicable.  Should a switch between students take place, your teacher should be informed prior to the lesson.  If a lesson swap/switch is not possible, please inform the school of your cancellation as soon as possible.

- Rescheduling of a lesson will only be possible if a suitable time slot becomes available prior to or within the same week as the cancellation. (eg. through another student cancellation)

- Should no available time slot become available prior to or within the same week as the cancelled lesson, this lesson will regrettably not be rearranged at a later date.


Covid-19 Restrictions causing Face to Face Lesson Postponement

- In such a case, lessons will immediately revert to online based Zoom classes.  This software/app is available to download in many formats to suit us on Phones, Tablets, Computers, Laptops etc.

- Terms and conditions of normal lessons will also apply to Zoom based lessons.


- It would be appreciated if parents could (where applicable) ensure that their child attends regularly and on time for class as this is of the utmost importance for your child’s enjoyment and success.  It is expected that parents/guardians will drop off / collect their children at the appointed time as there is no provision for supervision of students either before or after their lesson time.

- Should you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your lesson without prior notice being given, your lesson may be withdrawn on that particular day.


- Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner while on the premises. Respect for equipment, resources and facilities are imperative.


- Should you wish to discuss your child’s progress or indeed any other relevant issue with your child’s teacher, as a courtesy to the next student, this should be done at the commencement of your child’s lesson and not at the commencement of the next student’s lesson.

- It is expected that each student will commit to an appropriate level of home based work between lessons as guided by their teacher.  Should a student fail to make this reasonable effort on a regular basis, lessons may be withdrawn.


- Fees for Examination entries in instrumental and theory tuition should be paid directly to the teacher.  All students will be notified of due dates and amounts well in advance and should endeavour to pay these promptly. 

- As all instruments other than piano require a piano accompaniment in practical examinations, it is the responsibility of the student/parent to organize an accompanist.  However, this service is available through the school for a very reasonable rate. Please discuss these details with your teacher and note that accompaniment fees are separate from examination fees.

- Should a student be entered for an examination, but fail to appropriately prepare for the examination between this time and the examination itself, they may be withdrawn from the exam at the teacher's discretion.  It is essential that student's undertaking such an examination put in sufficient effort well in advance.  Should a student be withdrawn from an examination in these circumstances, no examination fee refund will be given.



- From time to time, photographs/videos of students may be used on the school website, Facebook page and/or in school promotional material, local newspapers. (Student of the Month Awards, Student Prizewinners, Concerts, Lesson Performances etc.)  If you would prefer for yourself/your child to be exempt from this, please put this in writing with your signature to confirm.


- If a parent/student decides to withdraw from classes for personal reasons, we regret that fees cannot be refunded.


- We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.



Ryan McNeill School of Music is committed to protecting your privacy. This statement discloses what type of data we may collect and hold, how it is used and with whom the data is shared. This Privacy Statement is applicable to data collected by Ryan McNeill School of Music.


The Privacy Statement has been established in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003 along with the Statutory Instrument Number 535 of 2003 European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 2003 ("SI 535/2003")


Purpose of collecting Personal Data

"Personal Data" means any data related to a person that allows that person to be identified, such as your name, age, telephone number, e-mail and mailing address. It is necessary for us to collect, maintain and use your Personal Data in order to do the following:


- Fulfil our obligations under any sale and purchase contract and any other contract between you and Ryan McNeill School of Music .


- Facilitate and process your searches and requests for information on our services.


- Periodically provide you with information relating to Ryan McNeill School of Music  activities which may be of interest to you.


- Improve our services for you.


We will use your Personal Data only for the purposes outlined above.


How do we collect Personal Data?

When you complete our registration/enrolment form, we will collect the details supplied. When you fill out a contact us form online, we will keep a record of your contact details and query.


Disclosure of Personal Data

We will not disclose Personal Data to third parties ("3Ps"), without your consent, except in the following cases:


Personal Data may be disclosed to sub-contracting 3Ps to enable the performance of contracts you are party to. Ryan McNeill School of Music uses other companies to perform functions on its behalf, such as processing credit/debit card payments. Such companies will have access to personal data needed to perform these functions, but may not use it for any other purpose and are required to process the data in accordance with applicable law.


Personal Data may be disclosed to 3Ps to enable compliance with legal obligations to which Ryan McNeill School of Music is subject.


Right of Access

You have the right to be given a copy of your Personal Data. If you would like to view your Personal Data stored in our database, please submit a request via email to, including proof of identification, for the attention of the Data Administrator.


Right of Rectification or Erasure

You have the right to have your personal data corrected, if inaccurate, or erased, if there is not a legitimate reason for retaining the data. A Request for Rectification or Erasure should be made by email, signed and accompanied by a copy of a current identification document (eg passport, driving license).


Links to other sites

Some website pages may contain links to other websites that are not operated by us. We do not share your Personal Data with those websites. While we try to link only to sites that share our high standards and respect for privacy, we are not responsible for the content, security, or privacy practices employed by other sites and expressly disclaims all liability associated with your use of such other sites and the content found there.


Security of Data

We intend to protect your Personal Data and to maintain its quality. We will use all reasonable efforts to take all appropriate technical and organisational measures and precautions to keep Personal Data secure and protected from unauthorised access, use or alteration and unlawful destruction. These measures will be reviewed regularly.


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