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"Music is the poetry of the Air"
Jean Paul Richter - German Writer (1763 - 1825)

A viola is often described as a ‘big violin’, it is larger than a violin in all dimensions – but the most significant difference between a violin and a viola is that the viola’s sound is lower in pitch  and its tone is richer, rounder and more mellow.


Tuition is available on an individual basis for students of all ages and levels, those learning for fun and also students preparing for exams.*  Weekly classes will be 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length depending on the age/proficiency of the student.


Preparation is available for examinations with the Royal Irish Academy of Music and other examination boards on request.


* Music Theory Lessons are recommended for all students sitting practical exams 

(25% discount applies for students also taking Instrumental lessons)

Music Lessons Tullamore Co. Offaly
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